Incredible Benefits Of Gold In Skincare – Why Holika Holika Has An Exclusive Gold Range

The sheen of gold, the most loved metal extends even into skincare. Timeless as it is, gold is as safe to wear on skin as it is on the body. It has rightfully become a very sought after ingredient due to its anti-inflammatory, antiaging and antioxidant properties. What’s more, it is non-irritating to skin and therefore abundantly used in luxury skincare. Gold infused skincare lends radiance and a healthy look to skin. We say this with confidence as dermatologists all over the world endorse the view.

In What Form Is Gold Used In Skincare?

Colloidal gold which is fine powdered gold, also called ‘nano gold particles’ is used in skincare formulations due to its small size and its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin to the target cells, according to a 2018 study from the Journal Of Pharmaceutics.

Benefits Of Gold In Skincare & Why You Should Incorporate Gold In Your Skincare

  • Reduces inflammation (hence beneficial to acne-prone skin too)
  • Plumps skin, minimises fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects skin from free radical damage

Gold is known to aid better penetration of the accompanying ingredients in any formulation.

The nano gold particles help promote firmness and improve elasticity of skin due to which gold is considered a good antiaging ingredient. They also provide protection from environmental pollutants and sun damage, which are skin’s biggest detractors and aging factors.

Gold is also known to heal and accelerate wound healing. This precious metal has been used for generations in Ayurvedic medicines and beauty applications – it is panacea for skin rejuvenation and longevity.

Is Gold Safe On All Skin Types?

Gold is generally safe, but those with sensitive skin or with known metal allergies could tread with caution. A patch test is most advisable for such users. Gold is used in face masks, creams, serums, under eye creams and oils and each of these are used differently in terms of application. It is always a good practice to read the usage instructions for each brand and product.

Dermatologists do advise against using gold along with retinol or AHA in the same routine to avoid any possible irritation. If your skincare regime has both on the list, the best way to proceed would be to alternate gold and retinol. Some skins however tolerate and are quite happy to combine both!!

Ingredients like Niacinamide, Caviar, Peptides and Royal Jelly work best in conjunction with gold. Like we said earlier, gold aids better penetration of its accompanying ingredients, and Holika Holika uses them all to their best advantage. They have created an entire range of skincare products with 99.9% colloidal gold as their hero ingredient to repair  and rejuvenate skin, leading to a firm, radiant and healthy look.

Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair Toner to calm and rejuvenate the skin, to create a radiant and healthy complexion. The formula revives fatigued skin and restores skin back to its natural pH levels which can get affected during cleansing.

Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair Emulsion is lighter in texture and hence can be used in hot and humid weather. It can also come in handy when you do not want to use a heavy moisturiser. Easy to carry during travel and is suitable for a quick moisture boost touch up.

Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair Ampoule is a time tested, gold infused product for a radiant and healthy glow. Infused with the restorative powers of colloidal gold, it stimulates cell regeneration, repairs skin and works even at the dermal layer imparting thickness and collagen density.

Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair Cream is a boon to dull and tired skin, and can be applied to brighten up in the daytime, or for skin to rejuvenate while you sleep. It can be used under makeup too.

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