Incredible Benefits Of Gold In Skincare – Why Holika Holika Has An Exclusive Gold Range The sheen of gold, the most loved metal extends even into skincare. Timeless as it is, gold is as safe to wear on skin as it is on the body. It has rightfully become a very sought after ingredient due to its anti-inflammatory, antiaging and antioxidant properties. What’s more, it is non-irritating to skin and therefore abundantly used in luxury skincare. Gold infused skincare lends radiance and a healthy look to skin. We say this with confidence as dermatologists all over the world endorse the view. In What Form Is Gold Used In Skincare? Colloidal gold which is fine powdered gold, also called ‘nano gold particles’ is used in skincare formulations due to its small size and its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin to the target cells, according to a 2018 study from the Journal Of Pharmaceutics. Benefits Of Gold In Skincare & Why You Should Incorporate Gold In Your Skincare Reduces inflammation (hence beneficial to acne-prone skin too)Plumps skin, minimises fine lines and wrinklesProtects skin from free radical damage Gold is known to aid better penetration of the accompanying ingredients in any Read More
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Natural Korean Skin Care
Find Out Why Korean Skincare Is Good For Indian Skin The most often asked question is whether Korean skincare products suit Indian skin. Yes, they do and here is why…… Skin is skin across all humans, its basic structure and functions being identical amongst all humans.. It is the largest organ in any human body and provides a super-efficient barrier that protects our internal organs as also giving us a certain look by its colour, texture and density. What is it then that makes skins look different across the globe? Ethnicity, race, climatic conditions and finally our genes, all of which are not under our control. K-Love India takes you through how Korean skincare can benefit Indian skin. So, how is Indian skin different from Korean skin? Korean skin is much lighter (fair) with yellow undertones in some, and that is a genetic and ethnic benefit. The Korean peninsula lies in the temperate zone and hence its people are not exposed to very harsh sun rays like the Indians. The texture is also smooth and even due to the fact that Koreans take skincare seriously and begin their skincare as early as babyhood. Indian skin can vary widely with skin Read More
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