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Introduction - Highly Skilled Medical Experience

OpenbayMed was established specifically to help bridge the information gaps, which may hold you back from accessing the first class and inexpensive cosmetic procedures available in South Korea.

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Since being established over 7 years ago our team in korea has been working with the leading doctors and clinics in the field of healthy aging, holistic wellness and aesthetic medical treatments


We have since accumulated feedback from hundreds of our past customers and leveraging their experience. We can advice you on the most reputable doctors and clinics for your desired treatments.


We offer exclusive discounts and packages to customers who book through OpenbayMed.

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Treatments For International People

Cosmetic Surgery
Korea is Internally recognized as a leading center of excellence for Cosmetic Surgery, with highly skilled doctors equipped with the latest medical equipment supported by high demand from local and foreign patients.

Treatment: Eye-shape correction, Rhinoplasty Breast augmentation and more

Skin Care / Dermatology
Korean Dermatology clinics are well known for their advanced lasers and equipments together with the skill of the doctors. Most procedures last under one hour and do not require patients to be hospitalized.

Treatment: Skin lifting, Skin Regeneration, Whitening, Acne scars, and more.

Anti-aging address the so called "Gray - Zone" between wellness and illness. Doctors study your personal Gray Zone and identify any signs of potential illness and attend to these with extensive range of treatments to restore patients health and vitality well into their golden year.

Treatment: Anti-aging medical checkup, Detox body slimming and more.

Medical Check-up
These services detect signs of diseases and cancers in their early stages even in seemingly healthy patients. Catering to modern busy lifestyles with heavy workloads and stress burden, Medical Checkup Prpgrams allow patients to manage and maintain their health and wellbein.

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Concierge service assisting with travel and medical needs


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Seoul is a vibrant travel destination and we help you and your travel companions get the most from your stay with recommendations and exclusive benefits on vehicle rentals, charters and discounts to major attractions, shows, spas, sightseeing tours and dining experiences.